There is plenty of custom clothing label shops out there in the market. The question is which company serves the best custom woven labels & tags for clothing in terms of Price, Quality, Facility, Design Support, Production time, Shipping time, Customer Support & so on. Here we came up with the best possible comparison of the top 5 custom label shops after brief research and analysis. Comparison infographic has given below –

Best Custom Clothing Labels Shop - Comparison chart 2021

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Why Labelyze is the best choice for buying custom clothing labels? – Top 5 Compared

After having a look at the above comparison, even a no-brainer would say that it looks like self-bragging or self-promoting. Really is it? Let’s discuss the facts in detail, so we can conclude whether the comparison is legit or not!

Well, we picked up the top 5 most popular custom label supplier shops on the internet. As you can see, We compared ourselves with widely popular custom label shops like,, & If you are a regular buyer, you know that these shops are very well known, reputed and serving the market for a long time. Most importantly, there is no doubt they are providing very satisfactory service in the market.

To compete with these big fishes, we launched our label company with more eye-popping facilities that you can’t ignore. What makes us different from other custom label shops on the internet? What are those facts for which we claim ourselves as the best custom clothing label shop in the market? Okay, you have already seen the comparison graphic above where we showed those facts in a short comparison. We will break them into detail now.

  • MOQ & Price:

    We will compare custom woven logo labels MOQ and price between the top 5 label shop mentioned in the graphic.

    Though all of them have product variety, we will pick woven label as the most common product to compare their price structure. Let’s come to the point now, Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q) is a vital factor when it comes to serving small creators, companies, startup clothing brands, social media influencers, or personal products. Not everyone is looking for a large quantity. All of those shop mentioned in the comparison graphic chart is offering the lowest M.O.Q. But what makes us special from others is the price we offer.

    Dutch Label Shop was ahead in the race for a long time as their M.O.Q. starts from 30 pieces at $17 only. Wunder Label set their M.O.Q at 100 pieces for $87 which seems quite pricey and not a good choice for a budget buyer. appeared to be the most pricey compared to their minimum quantity. Their M.O.Q. starts from 25 pieces at $68, don’t you think their price is out of your budget? In the meantime, Name Maker is offering the lowest M.O.Q. starts from 10 pieces at $18. But, at the same price, you can get 30 pieces of woven logo labels from Dutch Label Shop which is more convenient. The story doesn’t end here, Labelyze beat the competitors here by offering you the most convenient M.O.Q & price which starts from 50 pieces at $18. Undoubtedly and proudly we are offering the best price in the market as well as quality.

  • Price for 1000 pieces & Shipping:

    We have already got you covered with the primary comparison of M.O.Q and price above, now we are going to show you how much you can save from your pocket when you buy a thousand pieces of woven labels from Labelyze regarding price and shipping.

    We are second to none when it comes to price. You can save at least 20% (up to 50%) on your cost, we guarantee you. The more the quantity is, the cheaper the price will be, it’s a common practice in every industry. But, we got you covered with more savings on the bulk quantity up to 50% which is undoubtedly a win-win for you.

    Let’s talk about 1000 pieces of custom woven logo labels order as an example. Dutch Label Shop will cut $230 from you for 1000 pieces of custom woven logo labels and an extra $9.50 to 48$ as shipping charge depending on shipping carrier and locations. So, in total, you have to pay somewhere between $240 to $280.

    On the other hand, Wunder Label comes with a handy price. They will charge you around $172 for a thousand woven labels with an international shipping charge of $25, charging in a total of around $200. remains pricey as usual, they charge around $270 with shipping charges between $17 to $56 depending on different shipping carriers and locations. So, you pay them somewhere between $290 to $330 for a thousand labels. Not a good option, right?

    Name Maker is the worst choice here when it comes to larger quantity labels, sorry for being a dick here. They will charge you around $700 for a thousand pieces of custom woven logo labels with a shipping charge of between $12 to $80. This price is insanely expensive!

    Labelyze comes as your money savior as usual. Our price is far cheaper & convenient than other companies above. We charge only $160 for a thousand labels with 100% FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING in 3 days worldwide! You are saving at least 20% of your cost comparing with other competitor’s label shops, the savings is up to 50% when you compare with other shops that are more pricey. Self promoting is not bad at all when it saves customer’s pocket.

  • Flat Pricing:

    No other companies offer Flat pricing on custom labels except Labelyze. You can check yourself by browsing their websites. Whenever you customize your labels on their websites, the price will increase according to size, color, shape, design, or other changes. We never do that, we offer a complete flat pricing solution for our customers for any size, shape, color, or design. Let’s say, you want your custom labels in regular size or bigger size or it can be in multiple colors or design- price will remain the same as regular price. Simple, Flat & Money saving pricing what Labelyze offers to you.

  • Free Shipping Worldwide:

    We offer 3 days of Free worldwide express shipping on all orders over 1000 pieces for woven labels & tags. No other company offered it yet except Labelyze. If your order for woven labels or hangtags exceeds over 1000 pieces, the shipping charge will be absolutely free! We only charge a flat International express shipping rate of $30 (3 days UPS shipping) on order quantities under 1000 pieces.

  • FREE Human Designer:

    We will keep you amazed by our finger-licking services and offers. All the label companies out there offer a label customization interface for free but what makes us different? Come on, we all know that software can’t do everything right? Sometimes, we need such customizations in design that it needs a designer to fix up or give it a proper look. We got you covered in that too! We have in-house experienced graphic designers who are ready to serve you. And our human designer service is absolutely free! No BS, no fake promises! FREE means FREE!

  • Customer Support:

    Our excellent live support team is out there for you 24/7. We never sleep, haha!

    You can live chat with us on Messenger, WhatsApp, or even call us on our phone. We are available on every major social platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • Production Time:

    Our standard production time is faster than other company’s rush production time. Labelyze takes only 3-4 business days to complete production after you place & confirm the order. Dutch label Shop takes 7 business days, Wunder Label takes between 14 to 21 business days, takes around 15 business days, Name Maker takes 7-10 business days which can take up to 3-5 weeks depending on the order.

    3-4 days is our standard & flat production time, we never charge extra bucks for what other companies mention as rush production. We save your time and time is money.

  • Shipping Area:

    We deliver our labels worldwide in 3 days by UPS express shipping in a flat shipping rate of $30.

Final Words

There is a lot more custom label maker shop out there online besides these shops we compared with us. But, you will rarely find any company like us who are offering such convenient service. You can research on your own, you will end up with Labelyze eventually. Labelyze is a complete one stop solution for your custom label making journey. Let us be a part of your business, your business is our business!

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